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Shekinah Soup Run

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Shekinah has been working hard to make sure the homeless in Plymouth are off the streets and housed in various accommodation around the City. The Bath Street drop-in centre has now closed and Shekinah is looking for support with what would have been the usual soup runs.

A small team from The Well will be safely providing 25 sandwich packs every Monday night for the next 3 months (April – June 2020). The packs will include a sandwich, crisps, drink, a cereal bar and fruit. The process of getting the packs prepared includes funding, shopping, making and delivering. There is a team in place, but we would welcome any further support in terms of funding, and possibly shopping.

We also have the opportunity to add to the packs with anything we think would be useful to the homeless who are currently staying in various accommodation around the city i.e. toiletries, cuppa a soup, books, an encouraging note, any extra food for the sandwich packs.

Clare Stirling is co-ordinating the packs. If you would like to volunteer or contribute to the packs, please email her so she can keep track of the offers of help. We will ensure the co-ordination of the packs is safely conducted under the current Covid-19 Government guidelines.

If however, you would like to donate money to support the cause, you can make a donation direct to Living Well Church who will then distribute the funds to the team who are completing the shopping.

To donate, please email our treasurer to access the details. If you already have Living Well’s bank details, when you make a donation, please reference it ‘Shekinah’.