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Our Style

Every church, like a person, has a personality. Purpose focuses on “what we do” and style focuses on “how we do it”. The personality or lifestyle of the local church determines how it goes about doing its ministry. Our style of ministry is what is commonly known as “Philosophy of Ministry”. This is developed out of a clear understanding of biblical values we hold to.

Church of the Nations churches should not be recognised because they all look the same, but rather because they have the same heart (DNA); they hold to the same values.

Understanding the principle of building from relationship to structure rather than structure to relationship, we embrace the following values:

Church of the Nations Values

  • Christ-centered lives clearly expressing the Lordship of Jesus
  • Spirit-filled church where the ministry of the Holy Spirit is a priority
  • To live Bible-based Christianity
  • The priesthood of all believers and every believer a minister
  • The unique value and divine destiny of each individual
  • Kingdom values, vision and lifestyle
  • A sense of belonging and family
  • Living a supernatural life naturally
  • Relationships based on covenant love
  • Expression of the grace and Father-heart of God
  • A world vision and a compassionate burden for the lost
  • Excellence of ministry
  • Openness, honesty and integrity in relationships
  • The principle that being under authority releases authority
  • Righteousness and justice the foundations of the Kingdom
  • Team ministry
  • Influence and impact on the moral fabric of society
  • Hebrew mentality rather than a Greek mentality
  • Principle of reasoning from the whole to the part
  • God confirms His Word through signs and wonders
  • Sacrificial servanthood
  • Unity in the Body of Christ
  • Passion for God, His Church and His Kingdom

Our Covering

Church of the Nations is organised into clusters of churches. We are part of the ‘Connected Cluster‘. Our direct Apostolic covering is with Tony Fitzgerald, who sits on the Apostolic Council of Church of the Nations.

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