Cnr. Dark Street Lane & Mudge Way

Plympton, Plymouth. PL7 2PS

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Our Shekinah Support



During the Covid-19 pandemic, Shekinah has been working hard to make sure the homeless in Plymouth are off the streets and housed in various accommodation around the City and continue to be fed.


As you may be aware since lockdown began every Monday night Living Well has been providing 25 food packs and dropping them to Shekinah to support those in temporary accommodation and who are still on the streets. We kindly received financial donations from people at The Well, Clare has been coordinating the weekly shopping and Linda and her family have been making up the packs and dropping them to Shekinah each Monday.


In terms of funds, we have enough in the kitty to cover the packs until mid-July 2020. Shekinah is still very much in need and we would like to continue our support for as long as possible but we need help to do so.


On that basis, we are appealing for your support. Can you help with the following?


  1. Making a financial donation – we’d be grateful for whatever you can provide (The shopping costs approx. £50 per week)
  2. Assisting with the weekly shopping (usually happens at Lidls as it’s cheaper either on a Sat, Sun or Mon), then dropping it to Linda in Plympton. NB, shopping is reimbursed from Mike Woolf from the LW Shekinah fund. 
  3. Taking over the shopping co-ordinator role from Clare – this involves organising a shopping rota, circulating the shopping list and letting Linda know who is shopping when.


If you feel you can assist with any of the above, please can you contact Clare on 07910 294629 or by email by the latest Thursday 2nd July so we can make a decision as to whether we can continue our support.


Thanks ever so much and we do hope to hear back. It would be super if we can continue to support Shekinah over the coming months.