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Our Leadership

Living Well Church has an eldership team in place who oversee the running of the church. Our current Lead Elders are Neil and Lynn Collins who are supported by Cell Leaders, Dave and Sandy Rice.

Neil and Lynn Collins

Dave and Sandy Rice

Our Cell Leaders

Living Well is a cell-based church, so care is delegated across a number of spiritually mature leaders. This is the first line of pastoral input and allows for building of strong relationships not only within but across the groups. Each cell has its own regular evening when they meet.

Mike & Jen Woolf Cell administrators

Mike and Jen Woolf are from Bideford on the North Devon coast. They met in the church choir when they were 9 years old (aaaaahh) and were married 21 years later. (Clearly not a couple to rush into things!) They moved to Plymouth in 1998 and have been members of Living Well since 2006. They both work full time, but are fully committed to the life of the Living Well family with a key function of heading up the administration of cells. Mike is also the treasurer for the church. They love to see people catch the heart of The Living Well vision and begin to realise their potential and God given destiny.

Dave and Sandy Rice

We got married in 1993 , we are heading towards our Silver Anniversary next May 2018 .We have Three Sons & one Daughter , who are now settled in their lives , we have 12 Grandchildren & three Great Grandchildren We have been in Living Well Church for 20 years and it was the best day of our lives , the day we joined , it has been the most wonderful journey, and still is , we have never looked back . As Cell Leaders , it’s our deepest heart , to see the people God gives us , growing in maturity , as they fulfil their God given destiny and to have the amazing experience of living in the Glory of Gods Kingdom.

Geoff and Lesley Munnings

Geoff and Lesley Munnings have been married for 23 years and have four children, three of whom are young adults. They have lived in Plympton for 16 years and been part of the Living Well family for most of that time. Geoff is deputy manager in a residential home for autistic adults and Lesley is carer for their youngest daughter.

Their passion is for their people to capture Kingdom principles. They have a passion for God’s word and to see it manifest in the lives of the people God has given them. They have a heart to encourage strong connections within the family of Living Well and beyond. Their aim is to leave a legacy of mature sons and daughters, mothers and fathers and hence future leaders who are great ambassadors for their king.

Pete and Liz Santer

Liz and Pete have been married since the year 2000 and have 2 gorgeous boys Aaron and Joel. Pete is a Devon lad and Liz originally comes from Hampshire. Pete is a builder and enjoys DIY. Liz works as a teaching assistant mainly with children with autism.
They came to Living Well in 2014 and are involved in the WOW social team, leading in children’s church, ladies mentoring and fun time. Their passion is to have a relaxed, open, fun and encouraging cell with people who look out for each other and support each other in the good times and the bad. They would love to see their cell and themselves grow and mature on their individual journeys and be enthusiastic about their faith to those they have influence with.

Youth Cell: Travis Collins and Andy Hemes

Our youth cell is for youth of secondary school age. We meet every Sunday evening in term time – 6.30pm – 8.00pm. Any enquiries, please speak to Travis Collins or Andy Hemes.

Travis Collins I was born in South Africa and moved to England with my parents when I was 3. From a young age I had a passion for youth and helping within that setting. When I completed my education I went to a Christian based Leadership Training school for three years. In that time I learnt a lot about God – and myself, as a Christian. Through this time I gained a passion for teaching and a desire to see the next generation of youths being shown a true way to live life. As a youth cell leader I have opportunity to do this through discussions and building relationships with them. It is a pleasure to see them growing in maturity: not by what I do, but by what we do together – in God’s name!

Andy Hemes. I was born and Hovis in Plymouth and have been in Living Well as long as I can remember. I have a passion for the arts and is involved with the music team at Living Well as well as practice photography in my spare time. I’ve been involved in youth work since going through secondary school working in Fusion kids club and G Force and have had a passion for youth work since then.

Working in trio is a great experience and we each bring a great dynamic to Youth Cell, to see the youth at Living Well hungry for God and wanting to grow in their faith brings excitement to each night and makes planning each cell that much more fun.

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