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Bible in One Year 2021

We’re excited this year to be reading the Bible in One Year together during 2021. We’ll be using the Nicky Gumbel Alpha reading plan which can be accessed in (what we recommend after testing) the following ways:


1. YouVersion Holy Bible App

By using the YouVersion Holy Bible app, then selecting ‘plans’ and searching for ‘Bible in One Year 2021’. This should then give you the option of starting the plan. If you haven’t already got the app running on your phone, you can download it.


2. Bible in One Year website

Following the reading plan via the Bible in One Year website. You will find at the bottom of the homepage you will find a section called ‘Today’s Reading’. If you click on the red text, this will take you through to the readings. You can also catch up on previous readings (again, click on red text to see the readings and click through again to get to the readings for that day)


We don’t recommend using the Bible in One Year app as from a few of us testing it, it’s doesn’t always have the same readings as those mentioned about and has proved tricky to use on some devices.

Our Facebook Group

We have also created a Facebook Group where you can share and post about your readings, what God is saying to you and anything else which you’d like to share about your experiences with reading the Word during the year. The group is linked to the Living Well Church main Facebook page.

We look forward to journeying this through with you this year.



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